Premier Attachment Selection

Premier Auger has built the most reliable earth auger attachments for over 3 decades. With a complete and comprehensive line of drive units, auger bits, adapters, extensions, teeth and accessories, and availability in virtually any size or model you will ever need, you can always have the right combination for maximum productivity year after year.

PREMIER Earth Auger Attachments are easily adapted to skid steer loaders, mini-skid loaders, tractors, articulated loaders, backhoes, integrated tool carriers, telescopic handlers, excavators, forklifts, boom cranes, digger derricks, and other hydraulic machines.

Without leaving the vehicle seat, an equipment operator can dig hundreds of holes daily in the toughest digging conditions for fence posts, sign posts, post frame buildings, foundation footings, light and utility poles and many other applications that require vertical or angled holes in the ground.

A complete Hydraulic Earth Auger Attachment consists of a Drive Unit, Auger, Mounting Bracket, Hoses and Fittings. Mounting Brackets, Hoses and Fittings are listed and sold separately. Auger Extensions are available for added digging depth and Adapters allow you to couple a Premier Drive Unit to a competitive Auger and vise versa. For maximum productivity, it’s wise to have spare Replacement Wear Parts on hand.

The HO15 Auger can be used on your Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Excavators, Tractors, and Telehandlers.